Friday 19 September 2014

Chinese lanterns at dusk

I love to have flowers in the house, and my favourite kind are those collected from the garden.

So at dusk I set out to fill some vases. The nights are drawing in fast now, so by the time I had finished the solar powered exterior fairy lights and Chinese lanterns had come on.

I love twinkly lights outside. It's like dressing the garden with sparkling jewels.

He put up lengths of wire which run the width of our patio, and then we tied solar powered fairy lights to them. When all the lights come on, our back garden and patio look like Las Vegas.

Viva La Bling.
The vases get distributed around the house. This looks a rather holier than thou still life. Or maybe we're all just praying that the lovely late summer weather continues.
I look at Miss Wong and she looks at me. We never tire of one another.
A few weeks ago I had a craft day making this Vix and Dee style lampshade. I have the house to myself today, so I had better go and make the most of it!


Anonymous said...

Flowers are little jewels brightening up any space. Your collection is lovely.
Hello Mrs Wong! See you soon, it won't be long!
Enjoy your peace and quiet!! :)) xx

mispapelicos said...

You make me feel like getting lights outside and flowers in. It is so nice.
Thank you dear friend for not forgetting about me.

Fiona said...

Fairy lights are so pretty aren't they, I now have some suspended around the roof of the conservatory.... well I did, but the heat unstuck a couple of the hooks they were suspended on so now they are rather droopy! Love flowers inside too, currently have garden cosmos and japanese anemone mixed with Aldi alstro's.
Your lampshade is a triumph, gotta have red pom-poms! Btw what IS that on the mantelpiece to the right of the clock?

Connie said...

You have such a sweet garden and such a cheery house. You can only imagine that I get all mushy over fairy lights. Lovely time of day dusk.

mondoagogo said...

You've reminded me I need to stick my Miss Wong back up on the wall (she's only the postcard version but she was in good company before I took all the postcards down to make room for shelves!)

Chinese lanterns and fairylights always look so welcoming -- viva la bling indeed :)

Curtise said...

Your outdoor lighting is so very pretty (but what do your charming neighbours think?!) and all the lovely little pots and vases and jugs of flowers inside are delightful. Such a gorgeous house you have. Hmm, don't know where the Yoda-speak came from...
Miss Wong, cuckoo clocks, a mantelpiece of quirkiness, and patchwork and pom poms - does an interior get any better than that? I don't think so! xxxx

Krista said...

Your backyard is a place I'd feel so at home in. How tranquil and magical do those lights and lanterns look. I can see you gathering up flowers and making all these arrangments, blissfully done. I think I might have to add some lights in our backyard, next year:)

Your clock collection is off the hook, do they all work?

Helga said...

Love lanterns; I picked up a pretty trio in Bali, I'd quite forgotten! Must get them out for Summer!
I can tell you're an artist by the lovely way all your ggodies are displayed...oooer, in more ways than one...ahem.
I'm not a kitsch deer fan generally, but that deer thermometer(? don't think it's a clock) is TO FECKING DIE FOR!
Styley tart, love you!

Vix said...

What a magical post! I'd love to hang out in your yard amongst all the bling and prettiness.
We've got that Metaxa bottle, what a great idea to make it into a vase, its a bit sad on the bar overshadowed by knitted poodles.
The pom pom patchwork is a triumph! xxxxxx