Monday 22 September 2014

Going, going, gone!

From what I can tell, the current zeitgeist is all about culling, clearing the decks, making space and a bit of money as a side order.

Well, I'm in. In like a greedy mouse in a cheese factory. In like a...oh I don't know, you tell me?
My Spanish Senorita reigns supreme in the spare bedroom. I've just noticed she has a guitar and I think she might have just noticed the layer of dust on that mirror which is making my photos look all soft focus

However, unlike Curtise, who has set about things with a clear head and a great system, I've done things the wrong way round. I've sold things and then tried them on just before sending them out. And sometimes I've thought, 'Oh, I rather like that. Too late'.

But the fact remains, that I have only got rid of things I don't wear very often, so I've done right, right?
I got that gingham duvet cover in a charity shop about a month or so ago. But I'm really torn. I want it on the bed and as a dress on me. Decisions, decisions
This 1960s Kenny's of the Philippines kaftan was comfy and when I wore it to a party recently, it got a lot of love, but the truth is, navy isn't really my colour, and it's polycotton, which is not my favourite fabric.
This on the other hand, is in my favourite colour, green. It's a beautiful empire line brocade evening dress with a train at the back which made me feel very regal, by the English brand Blanes, but the fact is it was a bit too big for me and there was no way of making it smaller without ruining it. Plus, I only wore it to go out to dinner once, and I have a not dissimilar dress shown here

So I paraded round the house in for the afternoon before packing it up and sending it on its way.
Unlike Edith Piaf, I may have some regrets.

How about you, what's your approach to getting rid of stuff? Got any tips?


Curtise said...

Ooh, that Blanes dress is really beautiful. So is the kaftan, come to that, you look wonderful in both. But I am taking the approach that if I only wear something once in a blue moon, or if I already have something similar, then off it goes. I can't claim to be entirely systematic about it all (but thank you for believing that I am!) but so far, nothing which has gone the way of Ebay has caused me any major regrets. Yet...
The gingham would look great as a frock. Just saying.
Love your haughty Spanish senorita (you could recreate the pose, I'm sure, I spy a guitar in your living room!)and the little row of clogs.
Yes, it's in the air, this urge to sort out and clear the decks. And a bit of extra cash doesn't hurt either! xxx

Krista said...

You and Curtise are being way more self disciplined than I. I think you should have kept both:). No matter there is always more treasury to be found, it's a game I rather like playing. I'd be torn about the bedspread too it would make a sweet dress:). If I got rid of stuff I rarely wear I think I could eliminate 25 % of my closet. Hmmmm you got me thinking now.
Your house is adorable, just like you!

mispapelicos said...

I love the clean look of your blog and adore your gorgeous cosy house, never mind the dust.
You are sooooooooooooo pretty

Anonymous said...

You have to trust your own feelings about whether a dress gets the heave ho or not . Other people may love it but if you don't , it will gather dust! You will then have (a tiny bit!) more space to squeeze in new favourites.

Are you in it like a child in a sweet shop? ( Think back to our childhood here for the sense of frenzy I am trying to create! :)) )

Vix said...

Both are beautiful but you did good to sell them. The Blanes is lovely but too big and your fab figure needs to be shown off, not hidden and I know you aren't a fan of the synthetics. There's better out there waiting (and it could be in Second To None!)
Love that row of clogs and the Freckleface cushion! xxxxxxxx

Annie said...

There's always more treasure to be found Tania :)

Your house looks fab, love the flowery curtains and the clogs.

Am I going to be seeing you in Walsall next month? Can't wait xxx

Fiona said...

Top marks on the clear out, loving the kaftan (think I'd be hanging on to that one but the Blanes does look too big and I agree with Vix that you should display the bod. Is the gingham double sided? If so, would one side be adequate for a frock? You could back the reverse with a sheet and have both. Just an idea...
Your row of clogs is cute.

Connie said...

Oh it is so difficult to get rid of things that make you look so beautiful and regal Princess P. But it does feel good to make space for new fancy stuff. Can't wait to see your replacements.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Ha! All my paintings and photos around the house are in "soft focus" too. I think they look much better that way. I've so enjoyed this post T, my favourite colour is also green and to sell or give away something in that colour always tears me apart. But, if it's not getting the love, then surely someone else will love it just as much. I've recently had an enormous purge, mostly due to our house move in Feb, but also to get some dosh. I haven't regretted one sell. Sure, I've loved the stuff that's gone, but I haven't missed anything. Gone to good homes. I can't stand poly/cotton either. I don't have a throw out system. If it fits my body and my state of mind, I'll keep it. I don't believe in the rule: if you haven't worn it in blahblahblah - coz some of my things are simply bat shit crazy and I won't part with them. xoxox

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I can't say I'm too skilled in the art of culling. I keep things for far too long just in case. And I find Ebay takes up so much time and energy for little reward. But then money talks too! You look utterly incredible in a vintage maxidress! Xx

Peaches McGinty said...

Aren't they beautiful? you did a brave and wonderful thing, they can continue their parties elsewhere and you can buy replacement pretties, I can't offer any advice, I take things out of my wardrobe and stuff them in the loft or under the bed just in case my daughters want a rummage - dusty mirrors? sounds like a cracking country and western singer! mine are filthy! x x x

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I used to be bad about keeping things too long, but I am working on it :-)

Miss Magpie said...

I have been making myself wear things for a day. If they don't feel comfortable or don't look right they go.
I am selling a dress at the moment that got a lot of love when I wore it to work but I just didn't feel RIGHT in it.

I have had a couple of regrets in the past I will admit but such is life.

Helga said...

You are such a fecking fox that I am quite distracted! You look so good in all the frocks, dammit! You must keep all the things!!!
Or not. I understand. I have been culling myself, and its not easy.
The new look blog is lovely. Sharp, even! I'm not always organised about a cull, but I know what i want, and I tend to get a bit gung ho, despite being generally cautious by nature! If you're into astrology, I guess it's the Capricorn/Aquarius combination. Anyways.