Monday 20 October 2014

A winning Walsall weekend

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go to the West Midlands, buy something fabulous in the vintage shop Second to None whilst getting quietly inebriated, then adjourn to the pub to drink some more, chat, laugh and eat chips.
Look how many accepted the challenge!

There's Vix, Fiona, Vanessa, Curtise, Gisela, Em, Lyndsey and Annie.
Gisela won the medal for Top Bag Buyer, Vix won Hostess with the Mostest AND hottest in a bikini, Em won the Early Bird award...
Fiona won Most Professional-looking Photographer and Chief List Maker..
Curtise scooped Most Likely To Be A Character In Jane Austen Whilst Taking Lots of Photos, Vanessa and Annie jointly won Most Adept At Avoiding Being Photographed...

Lyndsey won Best Newcomer. I think I might have won The Hey Big Spender award.

All winners!

I love this action shot, you can just see how much fun we were having. I feel I've gone for quality rather than quantity (ahem!) on the picture front...and the Winner of the Lazy Blogger Award is...
Easy peasy lentil loaf to go with Sunday dinner. I put that robe on as soon as it was dry.

That's my haul of goodies on the line. I got up on Sunday morning and put them straight in the washer. There's a folksy wench dress, a Dollyrockers geometric print beauty and a housecoat by Fifth Avenue Robes. Probably the least flattering shape of the three, but lovely soft cotton in a fabulous print means I am going to wear it to death.

Vix took us into the local wig shop. Simply cross the threshold and find yourself in 1975. Hair bobbles! 99p!

A day out with the girls on Saturday, washing on the line, a bit of gardening and a roast dinner on Sunday. That was a top weekend. Thank you everyone for all the laughter. xx


Vix said...

I love Tania's awards ceremony. I think your should be "Blogger who Looks Amazing In Anything" - 1980s jumpsuit, housecoat, clamdiggers, geometric maxi, housecoat, mental jumper, folksy dress.....
Look at your treasures hanging on the line. thank goodness one of us rescued that Dollyrockers beauty from a Halloween 1970s fancy dress costume.
Looking delectable in that housecoat, oven mitts and all.
Those bobbles look ace!
See you soooooooon! xxxxxxxx

Curtise said...

You win the Best Save of the Dropped Phone award - there so nearly were no photos at all! These pics make me laugh, just look at all the smiles. Notice what Vix is doing in the photo where I am looking at my camera in the pub - she's clutching that huge bosom of hers, and I am saying "bloody hell, Vix, where did those boobs come from?" Even the blokes behind are laughing!
I LOVE what you bought, from the Carry On Wench frock to the slinky geometric Dollyrockers to the look at my lentil loaf housecoat. I put my frocks in the wash when I got in on Saturday night, that's how keen I was to wear them!
Those bobbles - so cute!
Right, let's do it all again please. Always a joy to see you, Tanny McSparkle! xxxx

mondoagogo said...

Oh, I *do* like that lovely colourful housecoat!

Annie said...

LOL! I do try to avoid being photographed, so I'll call that a success!

I absolutely love all your finds, especially the wench dress which fits you like a dream. I'd forgotten about the bobbles. Weren't the false lashes a bargain at that shop too.

My dress and top were washed and hanging on the line on Sunday. Really looking forward to wearing them.

What a fantastic day we had. Can't wait to do it again xxx

Ivy Black said...

What a fab day out it was. I agree with should have the Pick it up, Put it on and Fecking Rock it award. There was nothing you didn't look delicious in. You did have a stunning hall and I'm glad you bought the lot.
Lovely to see you again, Tan.
When are we doing it all again?

Fiona said...

I don't know how I missed you trying this lot on, I reckon I was downstairs looking for that dress that Vanessa had in her clutches! You look stunning in the wench dress, well lets face it... just about everything actually. Lovely to meet you Mrs Sparkle and do hope we can do it again.

Krista said...

I'm so happy you got the first black and white dress you looked so spectacular in it! I think you and I would fight over the very same stuff and I think we might even be the same size, uh oh play nice :) You ladies look like the most fashion independent gang group of beauties every to gather in one place.

I too have a soft spot for hair pom moms and have a great set of furry ones in all colors! Yours are so sweet!

Helga said...

You KNOW how pea green I get when you gals get together.....!!! ARGH!
Love your scores, and what a day! I'm living vicariously through everyone's pix..........XXX Love!

mispapelicos said...

Look at all of you, ahhhhhhhhhhhh so jealous.
must get a plane and join you next time

Miss Magpie said...

Your purchases are wonderful and I am very happy to accept my award :)

I had such a great day even if I do look alarmingly pale in the Wetherspoons photo must have been before I ate my chips!

Connie said...

You know that most of us out here in Blog space are pretending that we are there with all of you. Yes indeedy. You do get the award for looking fabulous ALWAYS. Tania, you turn hanging around the house with lentil loaf into a fabulous fashion moment. Love your purchases!

Peaches McGinty said...

Gah! what a blooming brilliant day! (still gutted about it) I love your gorgeous finds, a wench dress is always a winner, I love them - your Dollyrocker dress is beautiful and the housecoat is just amazing, successful trips involve booze in cans, you gals are my heroes! x x x

Lally said...

Oh it looks like you all had a great day! Your finds are fabulous, the dress you're wearing is particularly delightful. I do love a good cotton frock. XX

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Look at all these smiling faces :-)