Monday 8 June 2015

Mini-me, mamma style

Who doesn't love flicking through the family photo album? Laughing at haircuts, reminiscing and taking the mickey out of siblings.

That's one of life's great pleasures, isn't it?

I also love to look at the clothes. One of my style heroes is my mum, who as far as I'm concerned was a fox. She loved clothes and absolutely adored shopping for them. When we came home to the UK on leave, she would shop up a storm, and when we lived in Paris, she had a walk in wardrobe, which she filled. She would have bags to match each outfit and when she found shoes she liked, she'd buy several pairs in different colours.
1968/9, my mum sporting an amazing updo and green shades in the fab trouser suit, which inspired me to copy. The little bruiser in front of her with the pink cheeks and tragic haircut is me

Anyway, there are quite a few outfits from the old days which I covet pretty hard, one of which was a trouser suit belonging to my mum. Orange with stripes, worn with green shades. She was one cool cat. 

So when I spied a pair of orange curtains in the chazza for £2.99, I knew I wanted to play Cool Cat Copycat. Mini-Me Snap.

There she is with the hairdo again

So, I finally got around to doing some sewing. It's a version of this 1969 Simplicity pattern. 

I find you always have to keep your wits about you. There's never enough fabric and the pattern doesn't ever fit properly, but if you keep your calm and persevere, with a bit of jiggery pokery, it usually works out in the end.
That's the braid I bought on our day out to Burton, from Vix's mate

I think I'll get a lot of wear out of this trouser suit. In fact, I'd like one in every colour. My mum would be proud of me!


Connie said...

Oh your Mum would be proud. That is a Stellar pantsuit. Fabulous pattern. Well done you little pink cheeked cutie.

Anonymous said...

What great shots from the past. Love her white dress too. That hair do is fab! You pull off the mini -me very convincingly have to say: Mum would be tickled to know what an inspiration she has been.
Love the braid pockets xxxx

Sue said...

Orange and green!! Yummmmmmmmy!!!1 Oh yeah, mumma was stylish, and your obviously following in her footsteps. Yay for home sewing and old patterns, your outfit looks superb, and so does your updo!!

Vix said...

That trousers suit is marvellous, something your glamourpuss Mum would also have looked fabulous in!
The braid is just the ticket on those pockets.
I've got that pattern but never thought of making the trouser suit...durrr!!
Next time I think you need to make that little red number you've got on in the first photo, pom poms and all! xxxx

mondoagogo said...

That suit is super groovy (both suits!) and a great pop of bright colour on a dismal day. Perfect trim on your pockets too.

Miss Magpie said...

What an ace trouser suit I am in awe of your sewing skills. x x

Fiona said...

What a fabby trouser suit, the trim on the pockets is the icing on the cake. No wonder you remember your mum's stylish trouser suit so fondly, I love those ring-pull zips.....wonder why don't they make them any more? Her up-do is incredible, it must have taken ages to achieve and how lucky were you all to live in Paris? must parles fran├žais like a native? You think that's a tragic haircut? You should see some of my school photos! xxx

Curtise said...

From time to time, I look at the photo albums with the kids (up till the point when I stopped getting photos printed out and put in albums... naughty mum, they're all on the computer now.) They love it, they laugh like drains. And I love looking at my old family snaps too, though my lot certainly can't compare with the glamour of your lovely mum in her heyday!
She looks a total rock star, with that hair and those shades - and may I say you look an awful lot like her?! Perhaps not so much in your rosy cheeked incarnation, but definitely now!
I remember you saying you wanted the orange curtains for a trouser suit - and here it is, what a fabulous creation! The Burton braid is just the perfect finishing touch too. Yes indeed, one in every colour, and a few in wild prints too, please! Your mum would most definitely approve.
PS. Your remark about having to keep your wits about you when sewing is soooo true! Jiggery pokery is exactly what is required. A little bit of swearing never goes amiss either! xxxx

Kylie said...

Gorgeous Mum, gorgeous suit, gorgeous, gorgeous, YOU!!! xxx

Peaches McGinty said...

What wonderful photo's! your Mum looks amazing, so beautiful and you are a total cutie - I love your trouser suit, you have done a brilliant job - it even looks like a pattern I could understand x x x

Helga said...

OMFG, you lived in Paris?!
Jaysus, woman! You just keep turning up that cool dial, don't you?!
Love your Mama's stlye, and love LOVE this pantsuit! Great colour. Ha, yes, a bit of jiggery pokery can work wonders! Patterns have to be soooo general, but we're all sooo different...c'est la vie!
More Mama pix, please!