Monday 15 June 2015

Turned out nice again

Sunday was forecast to be raining all day. I was secretly pleased because it would mean I could shirk my gardening duties. My working week now ends at 8.30pm on a Saturday, so more than ever I want the day of rest to be exactly that.

However it turned out bright and beautiful.

So after skulking in bed until mid-morning, I was ousted. I need help, he said.
Once I dragged my reluctant carcass out there, I decided to do some tidying. Sort the paths out, pick up all the endless debris from next door's Weeping Willow, do some weeding and put the pots full of seedlings all in their rightful place rather than where I can trip over them when I'm hanging out the washing.

Oh, but then it started raining. Damn. *big wink*
So, after doing a bit of deadheading of flowers for vases, I skipped inside and took up my needle.

First job: make a cushion and a curtain for the porch from some really pretty 1950s barkcloth I scored for top dollar on ebay.

Now, we all know the laws of the universe; of course there wasn't enough fabric, there never is.

So what do we do?

That's right. Jiggery pokery. That's why the curtain has pink trim top and bottom. By Jove, I think it works.
That curtain is the final touch for our newly decorated porch. Those stained glass windows are one of the few remaining original features, and I love them.
Second up, make a curtain for this little baby blue meat safe. There's the cushion from the barkcloth on the gold chair.
Then there was job number three. I found this gold brocade cocktail chair for £4 a few years ago, at the carbooty, but the grubby seat always bothered me. So last year, after months of sniffing around, I managed to find a piece of fabric on ebay which was a near perfect match, and recovered the seat pad. 
That's a dress I got from Second to None. When I wear it, he always asks me if I've lost my sheep. (Little Bo Peep)

Not easy. Jiggery pokery.

(I feel like I'm writing this blog post in the voice of Micky Flannigan).

Anyway, yesterday I decided to change the pompoms. Those pink ones were looking a bit faded and they didn't go all the way round, so I replaced them with some red trim. Looks very plush now!

So that's it, the house is styled to within an inch of its life tidy, which is good because I wanted to make a positive first impression on her. She only arrived this morning. She's Tehura by our Walter (Walter Lambert). 

Isn't she a beauty?

How about you, anything to report from this weekend?


Fiona said...

What an industrious Freckleface you are, you managed to achieve an awful lot in one afternoon. I'm liking the diddy curtain with pink trim and the newly covered gold chair looks very regal, especially with the addition of new pom-poms. (Vix's market? Still haven't done anything with mine but have plans) Your Wally's Tehura looks a bit of a tease. Yes off to Vendée again but a different place this time. Bises x

Sue said...

My word you were a busy bee once you made it out of bed, I would have asked for a nap after that huge effort! Loved the photos giving little glimpses into your home, very beautiful I would say. Yay for some pom pom tastic style!!

Anonymous said...

The garden is looking wonderful ( as always). Good to hear you had a decent lie-in though before getting up to supervise.
What a great makeup you have done on the gold brocade chair: you are a woman of so many talents. Your new house guest Tahura fits in perfectly!
Hope things slow down a bit soon xxxx

Vix said...

The garden looks fantastic! My excuse was that I'd filled the brown bin so had to stop with my weeding.
You look so pretty at work upholstering the boudoir chair and the newly decorated hallway looks gorgeous.
I hesitated and missed out on Tehura at a vintage fair a couple of years ago, I'm kicking myself now.
4 days and counting! xxxxxx

Curtise said...

Wow, what an action-packed Sunday! Your garden is looking very tidy, I must say, and as always, the shots of your house look beautiful. Get them sent off to an interiors mag, they'll snap you up for a feature! Your porch is looking fab, clever jiggery pokery with the barkcloth and the pink trim, and there was enough for a cushion too, hurray!
The gold brocade chair is such a sweet shape, and you've done well to matchy-match the fabric. Fresh pom poms, and ta-dah, nice work Little Bo.
Tehura is indeed an exotic beauty. You Lamberts are a talented bunch!
Be seeing you soon, can't wait! xxxx

Peaches McGinty said...

You are a very generous woman helping in the garden! I skillfully avoided it all by being a plant murderer, no-one wants me near anything budding - your garden is very, very pretty though, I love your stone steps and planters - your jiggery-pokery genius worked brilliantly, the curtain looks fab, and your blue gingham - I keep meaning to make gingham pelmets for the kitchen, I loooove it and stained glass windows, your home is just gorgeous x x x

Ivy Black said...

Oooh you've been busy. Your garden looks gorgeous and I always love a peek inside your beautiful home. Love the barkcloth; it looks a treat in your porch.
Tehura looks lovely of my faves she is.

Mim said...

You have a gorgeous house! It looks as though it should be in a magazine.

Indigo Violet said...

Your house is beautiful - I've been meaning to paint my walls white for ages because it looks so good. And I've never seen that print before, she's lovely.