Saturday 26 February 2011

A breakthrough and a lovely package

I've been puzzling for weeks over why I can't comment on my own blog and I've finally cracked it. Can't tell you how pleased I am. It felt so rude not being able to reply. And also, I am always pleased when I manage to firstly understand technology and secondly master just a little bit of it. It's one of those areas like cars, where you feel there ought to be a nice man around to fix it for you while you go all helpless and grateful.
Look what I got through the post today. 
I love the way creative people go to so much trouble to make things that 'don't matter' look so beautiful. 
It enhances the whole experience so much. 
This package is from the lovely lady at Misako Mimoko who I blogged about the other day.

Right! On with the weekend! Have a lovely one :)

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