Thursday 10 February 2011


I would really like to be able to respond to comments on my blog but I don't seem to be able to. Does anyone have any top technical tips they could share with me?

I'm going to make a little side table out of this tray.

A little drawing of a bicycle made for two. I think that might be the man of the house up front.


ric-rac said...

Hi freckface
Not sure why you can't comment. Are you logged in before you try and comment? That may help. Also sometimes I have tried to comment and I have been too quick pressing the post comment button and have closed the screen before the wobbly writing/anti spam protection thingy pops up. X

freckleface said...

I cracked it! I tried all sorts but in the end I went into settings and changed the place where people can comment. Before it was immediately after the post, now it opens up a new page. Just doing that solved the problem.
So now I'm doing a bit of catching up on replies x