Monday 28 February 2011

Eloise Renouf

Today I am celebrating the work of artist Eloise Renouf who recently started up an etsy shop selling her beautiful art prints. 

She has a wonderfully sophisticated sense of colour and great composition. I love the titles of her pieces. So many leaves, so little time, Nothing but rain and Lollipop trees to name a few. 

Eloise has designed for studios in London and New York as well as co-running her own publishing company, Eloise R. She is inspired by all things patterned and decorative and cites mid century patterns and prints and country walking as things she love. I think you get a real sense of that in her work. 

Tomorrow we visit her house! 


Anonymous said...

Hope she's got the kettle on!

freckleface said...

She's a lady of many talents and can always be relied upon to provide refreshment in beautiful surroundings. :)