Tuesday 18 December 2012

Old school drinks for Christmas

During my childhood, at family parties there was a ritual, a real tradition. Granddad would be the barman.

"What would you like Lily?"" I'd like a snowball please George." That's the way it always went.

Edie would express interest in a snowball, as would Maisie and Dolly. Marie and Ann could usually be persuaded too.

The elderly Advocaat, the Miss Haversham of the drinks cabinet, would be found, dusted down and then shaken up to see if the separated layers of liquid would amalgamate into one custard-coloured mass. There would be some discussion and scrutiny to determine whether it was old enough to be life-threatening. The whole process could take a while. Then, only then, would start the search for some equally antique lemonade.

My sisters and I would say, can we have a snowball? Pleeeeeease? The answer was always no. Not until you are older.
So, last night on the TV Nigella helped herself to a lovely snowball. She enjoyed it in only the way Nigella can. I told the story above. Then tonight, the man of the house came home with all the makings! I wonder if he thinks I'm going to go all sexy domestic goddess on him. Maybe if I drink enough of them ;)

I can reveal it's like cream soda with ice-cream in. All topped off with a maraschino cherry. Cheers!


Kylie said...

I love this post because it reminded me of my Nan, Corrie Elsie (isn't that a lovely name!?)
The snowball was her tipple of choice. In fact I think it was the only thing with alcohol in it she ever drank (apart from the odd cherry brandy). Only on special occasions mind, Christmas and weddings etc x

Helga said...

I love old school drinkies.I love Nigella.It's perfection.I agree, I think the man is up to something here.......XXX

freckleface said...

That IS a lovely name Kylie! My nan was Lilias and her sisters were Maisie and Dolly. What a trio! I think that is what is so great about those drinks, they look and taste innocuous. But I do remember the parties got livelier as the evening went on, so they obviously have the right effect. x

freckleface said...

Helga, it was good!

Nigella; the looks, the wit, the humour, what's not to like? But there's no way I can remember how to cook anything she demonstrates because I'm too busy gawping at her. xxx

Olivia said...

Ha, ha! Memories! My goodness, you look rather lovely sipping your snowball with your fabulous Christmas tree in the background...xx

Olivia said...

Ha! Ha! Memories!! You look rather lovely sipping your snowball with your fabulous tree in the background xx

freckleface said...

Hee hee Livvy! Memories indeed! Thanks sis! xx

Melissa said...

Looks yummy!

<3 Melissa

freckleface said...

It was! I recommend! :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

errr, well actually I was allowed a snowball, albeit a weak one from a very early age, I've got a craving for it now, I'll have to go and see if I can get some advocat! I love "the Miss Haversham of the drinks cabinet"!!

freckleface said...

If it makes you feel any better, we were allowed beer froth from time to time in miniature glass beer tankards :) xx

Curtise said...

I think a snowball and Babycham were my first grown-up drinks too! Too sweet for me now, but your description of shaking up the Advocaat is very familiar!
Btw, the Christmas fairy with the pink skirt from your friend was our tree topper when I was little! I think she must be 1950s, by the time I remember her in the mid-60s, she had managed to mislay a leg and had a new crepe paper skirt, complete with glued-on glitter round the hem (my sister's design...) But she topped our tree in style nonetheless!
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, I appreciate it.
Love Curtise xxxx

freckleface said...

Hi Curtise, thanks for visiting and for your lovely long message. That's really interesting about the fairy, I shall pass it on to my friend. I know what you mean about the sweet drinks. I can only manage a little nowadays. xxx