Wednesday 11 May 2016

In search of bluebells

A couple of weeks ago, we set off in search of bluebell woods. Every year I have the same idea, but every year I seem to leave it a little bit too late and miss them, so this year I was ready. As soon as ours were out in the garden, we were off.

The internet is brilliant for finding out about this kind of thing. We ended up in the sweetly named Bunny Woods, which is just by a village called Bunny, over the border in Leicestershire.
Of all the habitats, my favourites are woodlands and mountains. I know most people favour the sea, but not me. I dream of a little cabin in the woods, surrounded by bluebells, foxgloves, scabious and anenomes. In the autumn I'll pick brambles, mushrooms and sweet chestnuts. There will be a little stream to cool off in.
I'd decided I was going to sell this vintage 60s or 70s dress, as part of my great clear out, but I thought I'd give it one last outing, just to make sure. Anyway, I've changed my mind, it's staying put for the time being.

It was a bit cool so to begin with I had a thermal top on underneath, but once we set off, I had a 'Stop the car!' moment. I had to go back and strip off. It's a thick crimplene, and with the extra layer, I felt like a boil in the bag chicken.
I felt a bit Little Red Riding Hood charging round the woods in this outfit, and told him so. He said three little words. 'Don't Look Now'.

That's probably more like it.
There they are!
Little purple beauties.

I'm so pleased Spring is here, even though it does mean another year is whizzing by. I'd rather age surrounded by sunshine and flowers. Although as I type this it is raining again. If I ruled the world, we'd have sunshine during the day and then rain at night, because the garden needs it and it's a nice sound to sleep to.
He's been busy up the allotment building a shed. The blossom is out. Again, that is such a fleeting moment. One minute it's on the tree and the next you have confetti all over the lawn.
I hear we have summer again tomorrow. Bring it on I say!


Polyester Princess said...

I love a bluebell wood and although I do love the sea, I am also drawn to woods and trees. The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw that photo of you walking up the path was Little Red Riding Hood, and then you mentioned it yourself ... It looks like a nice dress, so I'm glad you decided to keep it, even if it gets boiling hot under that thick Crimplene. We are having a summer moment here, but I still insist on wearing sweaty polyester. I'll never learn. xxx

Fiona said...

No! Keep the frock, it's a beauty. So is that last pic of the blossom, the pink is so delicate. I've been out snapping too, I'll get around to blogging them sooner or later. x

Lynn Holland said...

I so wish you had been at our caravan you would have loved it Tania. The whole wooded area which surrounds us was awash with bluebells. I couldn't take my eyes of them.
I'm with you on the living in a forest, far more interesting than watching the sea roll in and out. You look such a lovely picture in your red frock and it should definitely be a keeper.
Thank you once again for my fabulous goodie box. I am very impressed that you have grown the lavender yourselves, its wonderful.
Philip won't leave my chocolates alone, they are real yummy.
thank you, thank you, thank you
Lots of love LYnn & Philip xxx

Connie said...

I enjoyed my journey into the woods with you . . . so cool and pretty and yes, you did look like Little Red Riding Hood :)

Ivy Black said...

Ooooh, off to the woods with Red Riding Hood we go! What is it about a bluebell wood. I love them..the colour, the smell and the memories. My gran and me always used to go walking in them...mainly so she could nick some bulbs! I know...but it was the Seventies.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely thing to go hunting for. So glad you tracked them down; you are a splash of marvellous colour too xx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

I've never seen anyone look less like a boil in the bag chicken! Definitely Little Red Riding Hood. What a fab dress - do keep it.

Your woods are lovely and the bluebells are beautiful. They seem to be lasting longer this year. I'm sure they were all finished by the end of April last year...

Today when out walking I've seen Horse Chestnut candles; Lilac - oh the scent was gorgeous and white and mauve lilies.

Have a fab week xxx


Connie said...

We always knew you were a little wood nymph. Now it is official! Hunting for Bluebells in Bunny Wood. Oh Tania. You are living a real live fairy tale!!! Such beautiful photos.

Kylie said...

Love the dress (a lot!), bluebells and Bunny Wood (its name alone is enough) x

Mim said...

Bunny Woods sounds lovely, and it's even nicer with bluebells.

That dress is definitely a keeper.

Vix said...

You look like a fairytale princess wandering Bunny Wood with your basket! I know that dress, don't I? It suits you so much but I feel your pain, there's a couple of beloved maxis than damn near killed me with heat this Winter! xxx

Sue said...

Those photos are the stuff of dreams! I did think Red Riding Hood. I could live in the woods you described, as long as there was a golden sand beach to visit near by. I want you to rule the world and I will second your suggestion at sun during the day and rain ONLY at night for exactly the same reasons. I have woken to a dull looking day, I think it will rain. Obviously I will have to wear something gorgeous and bright to chase the dullness in the day away. Have fun with your allotment again, gardening is such good therapy. Thanks for taking me for a walk among the bluebells.