Sunday 9 December 2012

A bit of this and a bit of that

We went here the other day and bumped into this fellow who is an old family friend of the man of the house. He chatted to us for a while telling us all about his life as a blacksmith. It turns out you get to travel all over the world in this line of work. I love the fact that there are people keeping the old crafts and skills alive.
We had a freezing walk along the beach at Redcar, which is where they filmed the Dunkirk scenes for the film Atonement. The winter sun was low in the sky and the wind was fierce. The dog loved it.
We went by his Mam's house where I photographed some of her treasures in situ before they go off to new homes.
There were lots of family get-togethers which went on late into the night. The last session involved an impromptu singalong. The only rule was that each song had to be connected to the last either by a word in the title or the band name. An undeniable highlight was his sister-in-law's rendition of Paradise by the Dashboard light. I WANNA KNOW RIGHT NOW! whilst prodding her husband wherever she could find a soft spot. Punch and Judy meets American rock. Definitive.

So now we are back, slightly shattered. The man of the house got the tree down from the loft this afternoon and this has all started. 

I tried a CD I found at my Mum's; Rosemary Clooney does Christmas songs. 

Dodge City. There's no room at the Inn for that one. Go straight to the Charity Shop, do not pass Go.


Miss Simmonds Says said...

There used to be a blacksmith in my village when I was little, we'd steal the used horseshoes. I love the nativity egg, how sweet and the box full of little people is very cute too

freckleface said...

That sounds very charming. I wonder if the horseshoes brought you good luck? :) The nativity egg was made by my boyf's late sister and the little people came from my Mum's house.

Olivia said...

Great to see all the Christmas decorations out! The little people are elves from Scandinavia xx

freckleface said...

I thought they must be from Denmark. So cute. Do you want some for your tree Livvy? xx