Monday 21 January 2013

I won!

On ebay. Yep, I'm a winner.

Lucky, huh? All those people who say they never win anything are entering the wrong competitions.

First prize were these little off-cuts of fabric with the most beautiful swiss images hand-embroidered onto them. The fabric is very light and I see the tiniest hint of a dart in a bit of it, so I reckon it could have been a nightie originally, or maybe a blouse.

The embroidery is so incredibly fine; each image is only a couple of inches tall and some of the stitching is tiny. There's a little voice inside which is saying it could have been part of someone's trousseau, so much time and effort has gone into it. I wonder.
My little sis gave me this edelweiss braid for Christmas. She knows me so well. It came all the way from the US of A.

I have plans for all of it.

Next win, the lottery?

That's one of my favourite questions, to find out what people would do if they won the lottery. I love to hear about people's dreams.

Me, I'd sort out some things for my family then go off travelling. So many places I would love to see while I am still in good health and before 21st century globalism ruins all the remote places and ways of life. So many fascinating people to encounter and so many lessons to learn.

If it's not too nosey a question, what would you do if you won the lottery?


Ofelia said...

First of all I love the hand-embroidered designs, especially the dancing girls.

Second when I win the lotto (positive thinking is the first step!): I'm taking care of my small family and some of my dearest friends that are struggling.
And then just as you, I would travel and live in different parts of Europe for 6 months at the time.

Also since I began to blog I've dream of meeting a lot of my blogger friends (by the way you are in the list). I think that it will be fantastic to travel from place to place meeting people that you have exchange ideas and communications via the internet.
Hugs, Ofelia

freckleface said...

Ooh that sounds lovely. I think the 6 month thing is a good time frame, enough to feel like you really experience a place. Ofelia, you will always be welcome! xx

ric-rac said...

Marc and I discuss it every week. What would we do if we won? It's pretty much the same as you. Give some away, spend some and see some sights. Some weeks we go into quite a lot of detail, type of car, can you have a house that is too big, would we still work?

Every week when we find out we haven't won we say "oh well never mind we didn't want to win anyway" lol!


freckleface said...

That's funny! Yes, Q would like a big house, me I prefer a small one, so he could have the big house and I'd have a cottage in the grounds. :) I could spend my time round at his, but wouldn't be responsible for the housework, sorted!! x

Curtise said...

That embroidery is fantastic. As beautiful as the dancing ladies are, I am rather taken with the fellas in their lederhosen, especially the little climber and his rope and the mountain in the background. Just delightful!

I would keep all the money and run away and change my identity and travel the world and spend it all on my(new)self.
Not really.
But maybe... xxxxx

freckleface said...

Nice plan Mademoiselle X! ;) xxx

mispapelicos said...

Wonderful find. I love embroidery so much.

bohemian vanity said...

Lucky you ! The embroidery is really nice ! Oh and to win the lottery was also my plan haha but i never got more than 80 euros. Have a fabby day ! xx Tani

Olivia said...

Beautiful fabric! What are you going to do with it? xx

MILEX said...


Unknown said...

Gorgeous fabric and gorgeous ribbon and purple pom poms!!!

If I wont the lottery I would pay off my home loan (boring!) then go travelling the world, visiting all of my blog buddies and getting a new tattoo in each new place! And I would donate a big chunk to animal rescue.

Sarah xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I need my own house. I don't think I could ever afford one in my area without a lottery win! My boyfriend tells me it isn't "winning" on ebay, but it is, you have won, you outbid all those other annoying people who also want what you've got your heart set on! And I can see why you're so pleased with those embroidered pieces, they're stunning! xxx

freckleface said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.

Yes, I think buying a home/paying off a home is a big one for most of us.

Miss Simmonds, I agree with you. Plus, why not celebrate? It's more fun that way! xxxx

me said...

Congrats, your win is most charming!!! I used to have ribbon like that when I was little. :) Enjoy them!

Vix said...

What pretties, you're definitely a winner!
I don't even play the lottery but it'd be pretty much the same as you, pay off my brother's mortgage and buy a RTW ticket! xxx