Wednesday 30 January 2013

Feeling crafty

A friend recently loaned me her stash of 1970s CRAFTS magazines, which she inherited from her mother. It was so nostalgic to look through them and think back to the world as it was then. She told me that she and her mum were always doing craft projects together. It was a large and defining part of her childhood.

Along with an annual, we always got some kind of craft kit for Christmas.
There is so much inspiration in them, you could keep yourself busy for months.
My recent craftiness has taken the form of sewing. I've been wrestling with an enormous pair of Schiaparelli pink velvet curtains for the dining room. They have a paler pink lining and a contrasting chartreuse pom pom trim.

I like colours to hit off each other. Well actually I just like colour, any which way.
I also scored this fabric in a charity shop at the weekend. There's about 4 yards of it. I wasn't sure to begin with but for £2.95, I was prepared to take a chance.

I'm a bit wild like that.

Yeah, I know, a regular wild child. Don't try to tame me.

Anyway, now I love it.

I'm going to make either this or this with it. For lounging. Which one do you reckon?
I am linking up to Wendy at Young Heart with her weekly thrift thingy.


Frocktasia said...

Lovely inspiration, frigging epic curtains and a great fabric buy, this is my kind of post :)
I'd go with the garment on the left, cause it looks a bit more glammy for lounging purposes...x

Vix said...

Your new curtains are stunning, I love them.
I'd go for the kaftan on the left, too. I like the waist defintion making it more Liz Taylor in Mustique rather than Hattie Jacques in a Carry On. The fabric's lovely, fancy splashing out like that, you little devil!
Those craft books take me back and the kits we used to have as kids in the 1970s - those string and nail pictures, macrame, candle-making kits! xxx

mispapelicos said...

Love the fabric and wonderful colours.
About the cork tree, the bark grows again.
Much love, dear friend.

Curtise said...

Oh yes, those 70s craft books and magazines are so familiar.
The curtains look amazing - have you seen pics of Sarah Misfit's shack? She has painted it pink and chartreuse, it's a winning combination!
I'm going for the left hand dress too. I have a kaftan in pretty much that style which has been handmade, I wonder if it was from that very pattern? I like Vix's suggestion that you will look like Liz Taylor in Mustique, given your recent Cleopatra homage!
I have GOT to get sewing... shall we have a challenge? A 1970s sew-off? Kaftan for you, maxi skirt for me? Are we on?! xxxx

freckleface said...

Looks like the left hand one is popular. I love the Liz Taylor/Hatty Jacques comparison :D and I think more glam lounging might be good!
No I haven't seen the pics of the shack in pink and chartreuse, but it is one of my favourite combinations, so I must see if I can find a pic of it. Bet it is gorgeous. I love what I have seen of it so far.
Oh I LOVE the idea of the 1970s sew off! Let's do it!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I vote the first one - it'd be gorgeous!

LOVE old craft mags. I guess I should hang onto mine for future generations to snigger at. Mind you, early Mollie Makes were going for loads on eBay and so I sold them! (bit twee for me anyway)

We always got a craft kit too, I'm trying to keep that going with my boys, even if it is only hama beads!

Unknown said...

Definitely the caftankaftan on the left! Everyone should be in Caftanistan!

Love those lovely crafty mags. Pom poms make me FRISKY!

Sarah xxx

bohemian vanity said...

I love to get such beautiful inspirations and dream about how was life in past times! Your curtains are amazing, the colours match perfect and the pompom's are so nice!!! I would create the left dress it's wonderful!!! Have a fab day! XX Tani

Unknown said...

Hi, thank you for you sweet comment at mine. Its so nice to find another vintage and crafting loving blogger. Bless your heart about the houses you bought and leaving something in them from the past owners that really touched me you sound like a lady after my own heart. I have a few of those craft books some of the 70's pictures in them do make me chuckle. Love your fabric your bought to. I will look forward to seeing what you make. Take care, dee x

me said...

Hoe cool!!! This reminds me of my childhood. :) I vote for dress #1, but I bet they would both be pretty!

Btw, thank you so much for linking up!!!

Kylie said...

You know what Tania? The older I get, the more I love the 70's. God's eyes (made them at Brownies), macrame, kaftans, string art, homemade pottery, fashion...everything!
I prefer the second dress though, which bucks the trend, but I think it's much nicer.
And on your suggestion of a sewing much as I like the idea of it (on paper), are you serious???It would do my head in!Even the patterns marked EASY do my head in!

freckleface said...

Goodness, thanks for all these lovely comments.

Kylie, bless you, didn't mean to raise your blood pressure.. :)

I DO want to go to Kaftanistan! I went there as a kid and really liked it. One of my New Year's resolutions (every year, I like it so much) is travel more.

Glad to hear the bark grows back, that's good news!


Miss Simmonds Says said...

knew Sarah would love the Kaftan!! Those Shiaperrrrrrrellli curtains are amazing, the pom poms are fantastic! I love the kaftan but my favourite is the more romantic nightgown... but either will look amazing, especially in that fabric you found! xxxx

FeltByRae said...

What delicious inspiration and your curtains are va-va-voom... love them!

Oddly the frock in the pattern ion the right looks a lot like one I bought last year from Phase 8, right down to the fabric!

A Certain Vintage said...

oh 2013 needs to be the year i get my craft on, I *must* learn to sew. The two patterns at the end look epic - i couldn't choose between them but maybe the one on the left?