Thursday 3 January 2013

New Year's stuff

I love hyacinths at this time of the year. I love watching them sprout, and the smell and the fact that we have fresh flowers in December/January when they are hard to come by. I like the purple ones the best.

I've been up to my old tricks, here's another puzzle for us to do. We have friends staying. I thought we could do it together.

Our friends from Finland visited a few days ago and now we have our friends from Italy for a few days. They brought us treats! From Finland, liquorice chocolate and from Italy, olive oil they made themselves.  Here's where they collected the olives.

I have some New Year's resolutions.

Do some yoga - most mornings I get out of my bed feeling like the old man from UP! A series of injuries over the last couple of years have left me rigid as a board. This needs to change!

Have more fun - I've been really inspired by the new blogs I have been reading over the last few months. To the naked eye they are clothes blogs, but the penny finally dropped for me over the holiday period. What I love about them is the FUN they have and I realised that I need to have more of it myself. Thank you Helga and Vix in particular for making me see the error of my ways.


Miss Simmonds Says said...

whenever I read your blog, you're always seem up to something fun, so you're not far off. Those places your friends live look really fantastic xx

freckleface said...

Thank you for saying that, that's really good to hear. I do like to have fun and I think that is half the battle. Oh they really are lovely places, but funnily enough when we went to stay in Finland earlier on this year our friends thanked us for coming and helping us to rediscover how wonderful it is where they live, so maybe sometimes it's just about noticing? xxx

Ofelia said...

Is so lovely to have visitors that come with home made goodies!
Sometimes we take for granted the places that we call home. I live in South Florida where everyday so many people comes on vacation. I tried everyday to enjoy the beautiful and hot sun and all the amazing greenery around me, especially when waiting in traffic surrounded by angry drivers.

freckleface said...

It really is special. I will definitely enjoy that olive oil more than any other. Where you live sounds gorgeous Ofelia! But yes, it is always good to remember to appreciate it all. xx

Curtise said...

Happy New Year!
How lovely to have friends staying and bringing you treats - especially homemade olive oil, how cool is that?!
I think the trick is definitely to try and appreciate where you are, and see the beauty in what is on your doorstep. And to have some fun along the way, of course! xxxxx

freckleface said...

I know, we are really lucky. It was a special gift, and very definitely cool. Here's to lots of fun this year! :) xxx