Thursday 28 February 2013

Blooms, Babes and Broom Brooms

I've become a bit entranced by these chrysanthemums brought by guests about a month ago. They have been through all sorts of phases. I like these pictures below because they show them at their fresh youthful best taken in sunlight and their faded glory by dusk.

This is new to me. I saw a movie card online, which I rather sneakily printed off and put in a frame. I loved the bright saturated colours, wonderful costumes and fake easternness of the poster. Paulette Goddard has never really been on my radar: my only knowledge of her was that she was married to Charlie Chaplin. And I've never heard of this film, but I think I would like to see it. Look who else was in it. Gypsy Rose Lee.
I keep trying to curb my acquisitive nature, but with limited success. On the right below, another new Alpine picture to add to my collection. It's a hand-tinted photo. I couldn't resist.

I've mentioned my favourite poet before and my favourite writer. Now it's time for my favourite cars. 

There's four of them: Morris Traveller, Fiat 500 estate, Nissan Figaro and Austin 7. None of them practical I know, but undeniably cute.

How about you, have you got a favourite motor?
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Pic 2:
Pic 3:
Pic 4:


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I like the figaros, preferably in that retro dusty pistachio colour. Failing that I'd quite like a big bad ass truck with a massive stereo system!

Connie said...

Man o man. I LIVE in car land. Southern California has more cars than people. I don't think much about them unless they're trying to hit me! Tho these are very cute as far as cars go...

Vix said...

I love Chrysanthemums, they are deliciously over the top and showy and seem to last for ages.
I love that Babes In Bagdad picture, isn't it sad to think it was once a glamorous place on the tourist trail? I'll have to track that down.
I can't drive but am a complete vintage car whore. When I was a toddler my Dad drove an AC Cobra and I was mortified when he traded it in for a Ford Anglia, they look cute now but seemed to big & clunky back then! Jon's had a Morris Minor, Triumph Herald, numerous Beetles and campervans and he's currently respraying our Variant. Nothing ever works when we need it to but they look great! xxxxxx

Kylie said...

Hi Tania, I love Mum's too. They remind me of succulents in a way...very structural. And there are so many varieties. They definitely don't deserve their reputation of being a flower you give your Granny (although there's nothing wrong with that) I have seen them beautifully arranged in retro Japanese Ikebana arrangements in some of my old design books.
On cars, I'm not really a car person (we have a Honda) I do like those old Fiat Bambinos though - for the cuteness factor. I love the orange vanny thing in your pics.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

weird, I was just looking at classic and impractical cars I could never afford and this is exactly the type of thing I was looking at! I love Figaros! But too expensive. They're all gorgeous. The film looks really interesting, I bet Vix loves the picture. and more lovely Alpine kitsch, wonderful! xxx

Curtise said...

Ooh, those chrysanthemum photos are wonderful! And your description is very poetic. I like displaying my faded glory at dusk too.
Babes in Bagdad looks interesting, in exotic colour too. I had no idea Gypsy Rose Lee was in any films. I think an acquisitive nature is fine, if you have the money and the space. Another picture can't possibly hurt, can it....?
I am another non-driver but unlike Vix, I cannot raise even the slightest interest in vehicles of any kind! I couldn't tell one make of car from another anyway!
Have a great weekend! xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Figaros are so cool! So is your blog

Ofelia said...

I just learn lots about you!
I love the pink car and your photos of the chrysanthemums, just like all living creatures the outside beauty fades.

olivia said...

I love the Nissan Figaro ( in blue nat). i keep seeing them everywhere and may have to put my thumb out next time for a ride in one . They are so stylish xx

Unknown said...

I love BIG vintage cars! American cars or old Holdens for me please!

Sarah xxx

Unknown said...

love the vintage cars! xoxo
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Unknown said...

love it!! xoxo
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me said...

Those cars are seriously cool!!! My all time favorite is the vintage Mustang 65-68, preferably convertible. A girl can dream! :)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This is my favorite post of yours thus far :)