Thursday 21 February 2013

Then and now part 2: Hello Sailor

Here's another piece from my grandmother's wardrobe. It's navy linen with white contrasting piping and buttons.
Nice scenic location for a happy holiday photo. That's the face I pull when the man is taking photos of me. "Have you taken it yet?"

I wonder if they went for a nice cuppa in that cafe up the pitted road? My memory was that they usually took their own. George would stop the motor anywhere and start brewing a pot of tea. Carparks, fields, nowhere was exempt. On one occasion I'm sure we picnicked beside a dual carriageway. The general advice was to 'take no notice'. That advice was given quite a lot.

The tools of his trade were a little gas stove with a travel kettle on top. As you know, George was the drinks monitor. Lily would do the sandwiches. 'Do you want ham or egg? Are you going to have a pickled onion?'

If I saw this dress in a shop I would never try it on because it looks too plain, and yet I love it. It feels quite cheeky on. Makes me come over all 'Hello Sailor'.

I've followed Lil's example and teamed it with strappy sandals, which I recently won for a ridiculous 99p on ebay.

I'm sure I've seen another D L Barron dress in Blogland recently...
All that talk of food earlier is making me a bit peckish, which reminds me.

I'm a bit of a sucker for good packaging. A bit of nicely designed cardboard or paper and I am half way to handing over my cash. Throw in a bit of word play and I'm done for.

I'm not really a pie girl. If you want to know who ate all the pies, look elsewhere. Crisps, cheese, olives? Guilty as charged.

However I would make an exception with this range, and where would I start? With the Heidi pie of course!

Washed down with this wine, Longue-Dog, which comes of course from the Languedoc. Genius.


Vix said...

I love that picture of your Grandmother and the thought of my pal George brewing up at the roadside. Where's the beach? It looks strangely familiar?
I love that frock, I've a couple of DL Barron dresses in my shop stock they're always fabulous and never my size...grrr! Love it teamed with the strappy sandals, too. you look gorgeous!
I'm not a pie girl either but I'm often giggling at the Pieminister stall at festivals, brilliant name!
Enjoy the doggie wine, cheers! xxx

mispapelicos said...

That dress is soooooooooooo fabulous. Your body brings it to life.
I love, love your mother´s pic.

Connie said...

OMG!! I am doing cartwheels! You are actually wearing your granny's clothes! I am so envious. You wear them so well. My grandmother was quite fashionable but her clothes disappeared when she did. I guess I'll have to scour the thrift shops for somebody else's grandmother's pretty dresses. Sigh....

Unknown said...

aahh i love that photo of your gran and being able to wear her old clothes is just wonderful i wonder what she would say :-) Im not a pie girl either give me some crackers, cheese, chutney and nice crisps and im right there :-) dee xx

Helga said...

CRISPS,CHEESE,OLIVES!!!! You are singing my song,darling! (And Vix'!)I'm a savoury girl. I don't mind the odd pie, though.(I like Thai Curry Chicken ones)
EEEEEEEK!! I love love LOVE that pic of your Nana!!! Gorgeous setting, and that frock and cardi make me SQUEE! You look SO adorable in it. It's quite a classic, really. Doesn't actually look old to me when you wear it, it looks quite modern and frisky!
ooo, silver sandals.....great score!

Curtise said...

Ooh, another of Lily's lovely dresses, and don't they fit you perfectly? It is a bit Hello Sailor, and you look completely shipshape! I have a DL Barron dress, the green maxi which I altered at the neck, and sewed the label back in! (It's bigger than a vintage size 12 though...)
I remember picnics as a kid and my dad just wanting to set up by the side of the road and my mum insisting we found somewhere more scenic away from the exhaust fumes... Oh the glamour.
I like the look of the Longue-dog, accompanied by pies, or cheese, or crisps, or olives, or all of the above, I am a gannet! Which could explain why my DL Barron is a size 18... xxxx

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This is so heartwarming - keeping your grandmother's wardrobe alive :)

Krista said...

So nice to meet you Vix was just was telling me what a sweet interesting gal you are. I adore the picture of your Grannie and that fact that you are wearing her dress kinda gets me weepy, that's precious! I don't know if I am a pie girl or not but I have to say all of those sound tasty to me and paired with wine....WIN!!!!!!

Ofelia said...

The dress shape with those front bottoms and the deep blue color are fabulous on you!
I must try that wine, just for the name.

Kylie said...

Hi Tania, is it ok to say that you look much nicer than your Grandmother did in that frock? Actually it's hard to believe it's the same one (although I know it is). It looks gorgeous in 2013 and no wonder, with gorgeous you wearing it. I do love that photo though, that art deco cafe is lovely - the perfect back drop. I used to go on "Sunday drives" also know as "runs" - as in "we'll take the car out for a run" (I know!) with my Grandparents too. Same deal about where we stopped with the esky for lunch. No shame (for them!) x

Kylie said...

and also, I hope there will be a part three x

mispapelicos said...

Yes I embroidered the skirt myself.
It was a bit too simple for me, so I just drew a few butterflies and here it is, lol.
You have to change the comment option to pop up.
Have a lovely weekend, dear friend.

me said...

Your grandmothers dress looks beautiful on you!!! The fact that you scored those sandals (which are perfect for the dress) for 99 cents just makes me think that it was all meant to be. Enjoy!!! :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Your Nana looks like she's thinking "hurry up, I want a cuppa, a biccie and possibly the loo and they're all available in that cafe". It's fantastic that you've kept this dress and have a photo of both of you wearing it. It's a gorgeous dress, very simple but yes Hello Sailor.. ding dong! The sandals go perfectly too, Ivy black and I are on the hunt for granny sandals, though yours are more glam than that. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oooh, another great blog from the UK! I have a particular passion for all of your ladies over there. One day I will make a trip of it!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I absolutely love that you're wearing your Gran's dress - who'd have thought it would look so fab? My grandparents were very fond of beaches which were mainly stones, and my Grandad genuinely wore a knotted hankie on his head.