Monday 25 February 2013

Travel: I've been to Bristol and Kaftanistan

Clifton in Bristol is one of those inner city places which manages to retain its own distinct character. The locals call it Clifton Village. It has that sense of self-containment. To enter you cross a bridge designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The experience and entry to Clifton costs you 50p.

Long rows of multi-storey terraced Georgian town houses, which even when not particularly well cared for exude a faded elegance. Soft pastel colours, wrought iron balconies, large windows which soak up the light for those indoors and give fascinating snapshots of lives lived for those on the outside.

A place of flower shops and delicatessens, junk shops and cafes. A place for the young and fashionably bohemian. I stop by for lunch with friends on my regular trips south.

My friend's turquoise and gold fingernails. Humble breakfast tea served Japanese style.

In other news, Kylie and Curtise have been doing it, and I have been doing it too! Do you remember this? Kaftan versus MuuMuu? Vix sent me off into the realms of fantasy. Liz Taylor in Mustique she said. Ooh, I thought, that sounds nice. So I set to with an old curtain which was in this house when we bought it.

I tried for this (left), but ended up with something which feels more like this (right). Never mind. I can fit an awful lot of undergarments under this and that is just what I need right now!

I am linking to Lakota's Ta-dah Tuesday and Wendy's Thrifting Tuesday.


Vix said...

Kaftanistan looks gorgeous, I think I need to take a trip there!
Don't be daft, you're definitely more Liz Taylor than the short chap, you look stunning, great job.
I've often passed through Clifton but never stopped, those terraced houses have me all weak at the knees. Love your friend's nail job & rings and I'm pleased to see we're Gerald Kelly twins. xxx

Ofelia said...

It looks like a cool place to have coffee or tea with friends while taking about a bit of everything and a bit of nothing really!
You are very much more Elizabeth than the golden child.

fealte and rosebud said...

THAT was a curtain?? All hail your sewing skills YIKES if only I could do that......pah - you look stunning

Miss Simmonds Says said...

That is a stunning Kaftan, the pattern is equisite. I'm enjoying having a quick glimpse at your house. I must visit Clifton, it looks rather interesting, a bit like a mini Totnes

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh it's fab, all you sewing people are too bloody clever. Gah. I do know Clifton Village though, as I went to university in Bristol. Such a great city.

Connie said...

A curtain into a caftan? How very Scarlett o'Hara!

Curtise said...

Ahh Clifton, lovely. Had my first trip to Bristol last year, the bridge is stupendous. My niece is at university there and of course lives in Clifton. Your description of it is very elegant, like the place itself. I think you have previous as a writer as well as a sewer.
Sewer looks wrong... I don't mean drains, I mean one who sews.
And look at what you sewed! Pure Liz, all rosy glamour and sexy gorgeousness. I wonder if I could make one? Was it tricky?
When my nails stop breaking, I will paint them gold and turquoise, I think. xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Kaftanistan has made it into popular vernacular - I'm so proud!

You look absolutely gorgeous - that rose curtain kaftan is fabulous!

Sarah xxx

Kylie said...

Your kaftan looks nothing like the one in the pic on the right Tania! (nor does it look like it was made from an old curtain btw) There is no comparison. It's incredible and beautiful (just like you!) and very Mustique-ish.
It's 'real' sewing too, not like the easy-peasy skirts Curtise and I stitched together (I hope you don't mind me saying that Curtise?)
What are you planning to run-up next? I have a pattern, will send you a pic (it has EASY stamped on it in GREAT BIG letters!) so I'm hoping I'll be able to cope... x

Vintage Jane said...

Love that Kaftan ... what a fab idea ... still beyond my sewing skills though!
Clifton is one of our favourite places and we visit often. I love just sitting outside one of the little coffee shops in the summer people watching.
M x

Unknown said...

Your kaftan looks gorgeous on you red is beautiful on you def more like Liz Taylor than the little chap ;-) I must take a trip to bristol and have a moouch the only time i have ever been is for my Hip opperations never really for pleasure. If ever you back this way again let me know it would be lovely see and meet you and if your in Wellington you must go and have a look up stairs :-) Take care lovely, dee xxx

mispapelicos said...

I love your kaftan and adore the print and YOU.

Helen Le Caplain said...

That kaftan looks fab - very chic!

Frocktasia said...

I have never stopped off in Bristol just passed through it, from what I've seen it seems to have a really young & funky vibe.
The caftan is wonderful and you definitely look more like Liz than the wee dude...I can just imagine you sipping glamorous cocktails on a private beach somewhere tropical in that fabulous get-up. I love the floral print and the background colour is lush.
I've got a little Japanese teapot just like that but I don't use it for tea because it's sadly a bit rusty, pretty to look at though :)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I think I need to add Bristol to my bucket list :)

me said...

Living vicariously through you!!! Bristol looks and sounds like my kind of place!

As for your caftan, it turned out lovely!!! Definitely Liz style! :)

Anonymous said...

Your kaftan is lovely - fabulous fabric.
I like the look of Bristol. WOuldn't mind going there sometime.