Monday 18 February 2013

I'll show you mine if you show me yours

I so loved reading all your claims to fame. What a great bunch of coconuts you all are!

This post is in honour of Kylie who recently said the title line to me and to Vix, who has serendipitously just posted the twin post to this.

I do have an office, but it's buried in junk, and it's a bit cold, so this is it. The de facto freckleface HQ. Where all the important business takes place. Like reading blogs and that. Watching things on ebay that I forget to bid on. Playing scrabble online. All that sort of critically important business.
In a corner of the dining area sits an eighteen year old two seater habitat sofa with loose covers which I made and dyed red, and cushions which end up squashed daily. I'm always plumping. 

On the wall behind is an original oil painting of an alpine scene with chalet. I bought it from a lovely couple for £1.50 at the car boot. I wanted to give them more, but they were desperate to get rid of it. 
There's a little stool to one side for my cuppa. It's actually part of an old washing dolly which I bought in my first week in Nottingham, when they used to have a market on a Wednesday night. It's covered in a crewel work linen square I got from Newark Antiques fair years ago for a pound. 

The coaster is one of those balsa wood painted and gessoed Italian ones which we bought a few years ago in San Gimignano. The little basket which I decorated with some edelweiss braid, sits down the side of the sofa. It holds knitting stuff and dust. 
There's a gold leather Moroccan pouffe in front to hold the laptop when it is not on my lap, or for my feet when the man of the house's knees are not available to me. I wish I could tell you I had bought it in the souks of Marrakech, but far more prosaically, it was ebay.
The other 'table' is a Baret Ware tin tray on legs with a Chinese scene. That was 50p well spent at the old carbooty. It was in one of those dealers bits where they have loads of boxes for you to sift through. I caught a glimpse from afar, and went hopping over there like a magpie who'd caught a glimpse of gold. I do like a bit of Chinoiserie.

I think the Chrysanthemum, like so many other plants originates from China.
This is my side, by the lamp. It would be in the User's Manual if there were one, but he's a chancer, so quite often he nabs it.

Honestly, life is a constant struggle.

So now, what I would like to know is what does your blogging space look like?


Vix said...

I love the look of yours!
You made me laugh with the couple refusing to take more than £1.50 for the picture, it's the same when I pick stuff up, I'm squealing with excitement, they think I'm mental and try to get rid of me as soon as they can.
Love the Moroccan pouffe, the cat's ragged mine, the tray on legs and the milking stool. Now I can picture you happily tapping away on your compute to my heart's content! xxx

Ofelia said...

You have lots of little magical items that surround your blogging space. I love that and I may copy this idea and show you my blogging areas: my bed, my couch and the dinning room table!

Curtise said...

That looks a very cosy, colourful place to do your blogging and your Scrabble and your forgetting about Ebay!
Love all the little touches of colour and quirk and interest, the pouffe is great, and I do so like the little stool and the tray on legs.
I couldn't possibly show anyone mine... Our PC rests on a scatty mess of a desk with old batteries and coasters and the kids's sweet wrappers and bits of scrap paper and other such crap all over it. Oh but the work and the dedication and the inspiration that occurs at that desk.... Yeah, right. The idling and the faffing and the browsing and the time-wasting, more like! xxxx

Helga said...

O, how lovely to have a perve at yours!
That pouffe is divoon,but all round you are surrounded by gorgeousness!

Kylie said...

I love that cushion on your couch Tania (and the couch itself and painting above it) I will show you mine, but it still needs zhooshing. It is looking very sterile and boring at the moment. Stay tuned x

Unknown said...

It looks lovely, cosy and very colourful. I do everything from the comfort of my pink sofa in my frontroom :-) dee x

mispapelicos said...

My space is taking by my husband cámeras and car collections.
Not as romantic as yours or Vix, but see if i can take a few pics.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I really love that little stool!!

Ivy Black said...

How lovely and cosy! I could just get comfy on that gorgeous sofa.
I do love a look in to bloggers spaces. I couldn't show mine at the moment for 'tis a shocking mess.
That's what the half term is for...tidying up after myself!
Thank you for the heads up on my print, you are bang on and having looked around at others, I have scored a massive bargain as well as finding other 'ladies' to add to the collection.

Unknown said...

How lovely to have a peek around your place! I blog wherever I can - on The Whore, on my lap, at a housesitting place... I've even been known to blog at the beach! Love all of your lovely details!

Sarah xxx

me said...

I love all of the unique bits and pieces you have!!! The Moroccan pouffe is awesome!

I want my own space in the worst way. I'm currently working on a corner of our bedroom but for now all of my brainstorming (aka blogging and Pinterest) is done from our bed... Which also = the occasional nap.

David P. King said...

What a cozy place. It's good to meet you! :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

You've found so many pretty things... the crewel work patch is wonderful, so beautiful! I bet your whole house is gorgeous. The milking stool is just fantastic. I love an old pouffe! xxx Show us more!

Vintage Jane said...

I love the gold pouffe - what a find. Love your cosy blogging space.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

My blogging space is in the living room, and it's not all that pretty. I usually have to sweep loads of lego and lightsabers off the sofa before I can sit down. BUT, but, but, but - I have plans! When we move. (I know, I need to change the bloody record)